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The Potter Posting Reference Guide

Because you can't keep up with EVERYTHING, can you?

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This is a community for Harry Potter fan fiction writers and readers who want to track fiction, meta and artwork publications across Live Journal and other posting alternatives. All writers and artists are invited to post a weekly summary of their fiction postings, including challenges, drabbles, and off-site stories as well as newly released artwork.

Since this list is intended to be a weekly quick reference, and not an archive or a rec list, writers are requested to submit their updates in the form of comments to a weekly moderator prompt.

These comments should include basic information about the story or artwork, such as rating, pairing and length, and a link to the story or artwork itself.

Artists are likewise welcome to post comments in the weekly updates, and point to their work as they get it on the net. This means that over any given week, whenever you post anything, just click over to potterpostings right then, and leave us a note about it. A new posting will go up every Thursday, as usual.

Moderators of challenges, fests, and exchange communities are invited to post link summaries here as well, for archival and organization purposes. We also accept featured stories from moderators as well.

Readers, please be aware that ratings listed here are those given by the creator of work linked. Please pay attention to all ratings, and be aware that some of the links do lead to adult material.